Finance Lease

Finance Lease

In summary finance lease means renting an asset, not buying one. While you never own the asset yourself, you can nominate a third party for the asset to be sold to at the end of the agreed term, which usually allows you to benefit from most of the sale proceeds

Normally we calculate the rentals over an agreed term, at the end we will have recovered the cost of purchasing the asset on your behalf.

You can chose to offset the rentals against your profits (subject to provisions of HMRC Statement of Practice 3/91), while we retain the right to any capital allowances.

Some Assets We Fund

  • Forklift

    Forklift Leasing & Finance

  • Car & Commercial Vehicles

    Car & Commercial Vehicles

  • Optical Equipment

    Optical Equipment

  • HGV Trucks & Trailers

    HGV Trucks & Trailers